Since its inception in 1993, International Fairs Poland (Mińôdznarodowe Targi Polska) has been growing by introducing and holding new and innovative trade fairs and conventions, covering many diverse sectors and industries. Our twenty-plus years of experience and highly-trained staff make us one of the top companies for organizing conventions in Poland. In the fifteen years that Mińôdzynarodowe Targi Polska¬†has focused mainly on conventions, we have organized over 100 international events and drawn several hundred thousand visitors to these events.

In 2009, in the face of growing demand from both exhibitors and convention visitors, International Fairs Poland decided to expand its business scope and became the operator of the Mińôdzynarodowe Targi Polska Convention Center, located on 56C Marsa Street in Warsaw. As a result, the MT Polska Group was created, which consists of MT Targi Polska (MT Fairs Poland) and MT Polska. In 2017¬†the company changed its name to Centrum Targowo-Kongresowe.